Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism (DEI/AR) is a key pillar of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals (BCH) FY2020 Vision under Healthy Communities. BCH’s framework for diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism cascades from our mission and vision: The mission of the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals’ DEI/AR Council is to build an institution that is rooted in justice and equity to nurture an inclusive culture and to cultivate and implement effective strategies for the just and equitable provision of education, discovery and patient care. Our vision is to build an empathetic, supportive and equitable environment for the present and future UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals community.



Professionalism: To be competent, accountable, reliable and responsible while interacting positively and collaboratively with all colleagues, students, patients, visitors and business partners


Respect: To treat others as you wish to be treated, to be courteous and kind, and to act with the utmost consideration of others


Integrity: To be honest, trustworthy and ethical by always doing the right thing, being uncompromising to the truth, and being fair and sincere


Diversity: To appreciate and celebrate differences in others and to create an environment of equity and inclusion with opportunities for everyone to reach his or her greatest potential.


Excellence: To be dedicated, motivated, innovative and confident while giving your best every day and encouraging others to excel in everything they do.


  • Our diversity strategy refers to the ways in which the organizational culture supports, celebrates, and encourages a variety of experiences, values, worldviews, and approaches.
  • Our equity strategy ensures that BCH identifies goals toward removing barriers to fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement of all individuals.
  • Our inclusion strategy refers to creating an environment where all individuals contribute fully and feel valued, engaged and supported to reach their full potential
  • Our anti-racism strategy refers to actively change the policies, behaviors, and beliefs that perpetuate racist ideas and actions.


Our DEI/AR strategy is made visible through BCH’s three DEI/AR pillars:

  • Education - Provide BCH’s leadership, faculty, staff, and trainees with information, strategies and tools to lead diversity efforts within their specified areas
  • Patient Care – reduce disparities in health outcomes and care delivery in the BCH patient population
  • Workforce – employee experience and full talent lifecycle: attract, select, engage and retain