BCH Chicanx Latinx Campus Association

Bienvenidos and Welcome!

We are very pleased to continue leading the BCH Chicanx Latinx Campus Association (CLCA), which held our inaugural gathering on September 17, 2021. Our meetings have been vibrant, exciting and forewarding thinking. Our members have high expectations and are highly movitated to promote our Latinx heritage, culture, and professionalism. We welcome all of our Latinx family and allies to come join us. BCH CLCA aims to create advancement, community and support for our Chicanx, Hispanic, and Latinx BCH staff.

Monthly meetings are held every 2nd Friday at 2 pm. For more information, please email [email protected] and bookmark this site. See our activities below.

We are looking forward to meeting you all. Nos vemos pronto!

 Aday G Robinson BSN, RN

Cristina Fernandez


CLCA Mission

The BCH Chicanx Latinx Campus Association seeks to:

  • Increase representation of faculty and staff in various leadership roles at BCH.
  • Boost the numbers of tenure-ranked faculty across BCH.
  • Recruit and enroll more Chicanx/Latinx students and trainees from the San Francisco Bay Area and within the state of California at UCSF.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for Chicanx/Latinx staff to help them learn new skills to advance their careers at BCH.
  • Address and give voice to issues affecting the climate, health and livelihood of members of Chicanx/Latinx community at BCH.
  • Recognize the contributions and accomplishments of the Chicanx/Latinx community at BCH.

CHAMPS Fundraiser

Support CHAMPS Hispanic/Latino Graduates with a Laptop for College

Join the us in raising funds for our graduating high school seniors from the CHAMPS Program with laptops for college, a crucial step towards lifting up our local Chicané Latiné youth. CHAMPS (Community Health & Adolescent Mentoring Program for Success) supports minority high school students interested in health professions by participating in a three-year internship at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, which combines a comprehensive academic program with career planning and clinical shadowing experiences. 

Last year we raised $2950 for 4 students to be gifted each with a laptop. This year we aim to raise $12,750 to purchase laptops for 15 high school graduates!

Your generosity helps students who face extraordinary barriers of growing up as youth of color from underserved communities in their pursuit of higher education and ultimate goal of becoming a future health care provider.

Thank you so much for being a part of our compassionate community.

Somos una familia unida, Si Se Puede!





Social Mixer with BCH Black Caucus 

Thursday, November 17, 2022 | 5 pm - 6 pm 

The BCH Black Caucus & BCH Chicanx Latinx Campus Association held a mixer on Thursday, November 17th 5:00-6:00 pm, in the Oakland hospital courtyard. The purpose of the mixer is to increase staff engagement and employee morale among our BIPOC staff and providers. Over the last three years, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had very few staff events that have allowed our employees to connect and collaborate across the hospital. This was evident in the staff survey, which showed a decrease in staff morale amount BIPOC employees. This event allowed our two largest affinity groups to connect and engage with one another/and hospital leadership in a collegial atmosphere.

Dia De Los Muertos 2022

The Day of the Dead (el Día de los Muertos), is celebrated throughout Latin America where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink and celebration. A blend of Mesoamerican ritual, European religion and Spanish culture, the holiday is celebrated each year from October 31-November 2. While October 31 is Halloween, November 2 is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead. According to tradition, the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31 and the spirits of children can rejoin their families for 24 hours. The spirits of adults can do the same on November 2

Latinx Heritage Month 2022

Every year from September 15 to October 15, Americans celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by appreciating the community’s history, heritage, and contributions of the ancestors of American citizens who came from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and South- and Central America. 

BCH CLCA is collaborating with the various UCSF Latinx groups in organizing events, resources, and information on the Latinx Heritage Month.

Community Health and Adolescent Mentoring Program for Success (CHAMPS)

Through CHAMPS, minority high school students from under-resourced communities explore careers in health care, receive academic guidance and social emotional support, and build life skills and professional development. Recognizing the accomplishments of the 29 high school graduates from this year's CHAMPS cohort, BCH CLCA set out to raise funds to award one of the program’s Chicanx Latinx youth with a laptop for college. Chicanx Latinx students were prompted to write a short essay explaining how access to a laptop would help them reach their STEM educational goals. After raising nearly $3000 through generous donations from the BCH community, BCH CLCA was able to increase their award to benefit four graduates with laptops and accessories in support of high education. CLCA would like to congratulate the following laptop award recipients, all first-generation college students:

  • Brenda Gonzalez, Berkeley High School
  • Alondra Garcia Maciel, Alternatives in Action High School
  • Perla Lucas Ramos, MetWest High School
  • Thania Rodriguez Silva, Latitude 37.8 High School

BCH in Solidarity & Healing 

Thursday, June 2 | 12 pm – 12:30 pm

As we continue to process and grieve the loss of life that resulted from the recent horrific events in Uvalde, TX, and Buffalo, NY, BCH had set aside some much-needed time to come together collectively to gain comfort from one another and acknowledge the pain that we all are experiencing. The webinar included opening remarks from BCH leadership, testimonials from the BCH Black Caucus and the BCH Chicanx Latinx Campus Association, a reflection from Spiritual Care Services, and sharing of some opportunities for collective actions that our BCH community can take toward positive change.


Dr. Camara Jones visits BCH campuses

Shout out to Aday Robinson, Vanessa Stacks, Alvin Hendrix, Alejandro Diaz, Dr. Sharon Williams, Dr. Lee Atkinson-McAvoy and Dr. James Huang for giving a tour to Dr. Camara Jones, UCSF Presidential Chair, of BCH Oakland and Mission Bay on Friday, May 6, 2022. Dr. Jones engaged with UCSF partners to create an equity roadmap at UCSF guided by three principles: valuing all individuals and populations equally, recognizing and rectifying historical injustices, and providing resources according to need. Dr. Jones provided a framework for naming racism and moving to action that acknowledges that racism exists, racism is a system, racism saps the strength of the whole society, adn the UCSF community can act to dismantle racism.

Cinco de Mayo 2022

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. The day, which falls on Thursday, May 5 in 2022, is also known as Battle of Puebla Day. While it is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas with large Mexican-American populations.

BCH CLCA organized a live mariachi band to perform, along with a special Cinco de Mayo menu at the Redwood Cafe in BCH Oakland.

Día de los Muertos 2021

Throughout Latin America and the diaspora, this is the time of year when families and communities gather to remember and celebrate their ancestors.  It is believed that between November 1st and 2nd the portal between the living and loved ones who have passed is open, allowing for direct contact and communication.  It is a time of remembrance and celebration of life and less about sadness and grief.  This tradition has its roots in Mesoamerican indigenous cosmovision where death is viewed as a part of the natural cycle of life.  This belief system is not rooted in the western mentality of good and bad, rather in the duality found in nature which embodies balance.

BCH CLCA helped organize the Community Altars (ofrendas) displayed at both BCH campuses, located at the Friendly Cafe in BCH Oakland and the main lobby in Mission Bay from Monday, November 15 - Friday, November 22. Staff were welcomed to participate in our Community Altar by adding a written dedication to a loved one that has passed away and/or by sharing photos of your dearly departed.



BCH CLCA meets every 2nd Fridays at 2 pm of the month. 

Contact [email protected]