BCH DEI/AR Council Structure

Thank you for your interest in the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals’ (BCH) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism (DEI/AR) Council. The DEI/AR initiative is important to all of us and is an identified organizational imperative for the BCH enterprise. We aim to inspire collaboration to catalyze this council’s impact in nurturing a culture that is welcoming, equitable, and supportive. We are truly excited to have you join our endeavor in making the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals enterprise the best that it can be. 

The BCH DEI/AR Council works with our faculty, trainee and staff community to:

  • Develop an annual action plan and set priorities informed by UCSF Office of Diversity and Inclusion and BCH strategic plans
  • Work to develop diversity initiatives that incorporate professional development and trainings, cultural assessments, employee biases evaluations, effective communication, and workforce recruitment/retention
  • Assist the Senior Operations Leadership Team (SOLT) in incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into the enterprise’s strategic goals and priorities
  • Align BCH’s diversity efforts with campus wide initiatives
  • Monitor and report progress of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives within the BCH community
  • Maintain and advocate for an inclusive view of diversity in the workplace

There are over 70 staff members who serve on the DEI/AR Council. The membership reflects the diverse staff of BCH on both the Oakland and San Francisco campuses.  Currently, there are three taskforce teams in which members can serve:  Education, Patient Care, and Work Force.

Education Task Force Team - Empower BCH leadership, faculty, staff and trainees to become leaders and advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Develop programs and workshops
  • Provide BCH’s leadership, faculty, staff, and trainees with information, strategies and tools to enable them to lead diversity efforts
  • Encourage evaluations of implicit biases and cultural assessment

Patient Care Task Force Team - Enhance and improve patient care

  • Increase patient satisfaction related to specific questions around provider/caregiver cultural sensitivity
  • Reduce disparities in health outcomes and care delivery in patient population
  • Analyze patient outcomes stratified by REAL and SOGI data

Work Force Task Force Team - Prioritization of diversity and inclusion in workplace recruitment and retention

  • Assessment of diversity in the workplace at BCH campuses
  • Appraise best practices in recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce
  • Collaborate with HR in diversity training and educational activities
  • Incorporate DEI training into NEO
  • Disseminate recruitment best practices

As a DEI/AR Council Member, we expect you to attend regular monthly meetings and additionally when deemed necessary to meet responsibilities in appropriate timeframes in-person or via conference call. In addition to regularly scheduled TFT meetings, members will communicate regularly in order to carry out duties set forth by the Council. Other membership responsibilities include:

General Body Council Member (Commitment = 2-4 hrs per month)

  • Attend the two annual General Body Council Meetings and/or inform committee leadership if unable to attend via calendar invite in a timely manner
  • Function as an engaged participant in a Task Force Team:
  • Prioritize attendance at the selected TFT meetings
  • Volunteer to follow up on tasks related to the priorities of the council at the request of the TFT lead or council members
  • Read all meeting minutes regardless of attendance
  • Contribute to meeting discussion with innovative ideas to further initiatives and priorities of the overall council and TFT
  • Participate in DEI Champion Training

Task Force Team Lead (Commitment = 1 hr per week/ 4 hrs per month)

  • Lead all TFT meetings (monthly at minimum)
  • Coordinate and disseminate agendas for upcoming meetings in advance of meeting
  • Provide timely follow up after meetings and disseminate minutes post-meeting
  • Delegate prioritized tasks to TFT members to facilitate forward progress of TFT goals
  • Provide monthly updates to Co-chairs in TFT Lead Check-in Meetings

Please let us know your thoughts about the information above and what your level of interest and availability would be for participating in the BCH DEI/AR Council. Additionally, please let us know your interest in participating in a specific task force team. We can provide additional information on the specifics and meeting times of each task force as requested.