BCH Departments - DEI Highlights


Center of Excellence for Immigrant Child Health and Wellbeing

Half of children in the Bay Area are immigrants or have a parent who is an immigrant. The social, political, and economic challenges faced by many in the immigrant community have serious and lasting impacts on their mental and physical health, and the sociopolitical landscape has elevated fear of engaging with public service that includes healthcare. The Center of Excellence for Immigrant Child Health and Wellbeing was created in 2019, partly as a response to inhumane federal policies affecting immigrant communities.

Child and Adolescent Gender Center

Meet the staff of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center, a collaboration between UCSF and community organizations that uses a multidisciplinary approach to offer comprehensive, gender affirming care to gender diverse/transgender youth and adolescents.

Family Care Network

Meet Shelley Stinson, Director of the Family Care Network, based at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland (UBCHO) in the Center of Child and Community Health department, is a collaborative of six agencies providing HIV care and support to Women, Infants, Children and Youth.

Family Resource & Information Center

The Family Resource and Information Center (FRIC) is a safe space where parents and care givers can come and relax, work, do research or simply take a break. The FRIC offers things like internet, beverages, snacks, fax services, toiletries, phone chargers, books and arts and crafts. Families can also come by to get help with faxing, scans and making copies. Both FRIC staff members are bilingual. We also have the support of three amazing volunteers that are always ready to assist the families with whatever is needed. 

Interpreter Services - San Francisco

Through an array of language services to the medical center's Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients and their medical teams and in line with UCSF Health's PRIDE values, Interpreter Services helps facilitate our patients' access to equitable healthcare, increasing their ability to fully participate in their own care and take the lead in their health and well-being.

Neonatal Follow-Up Program

We offer community based, comprehensive case management services, for medically fragile children, ages 0-3 years, and their families within Alameda County. We have a multi-disciplinary team working with parents to help them develop the skills and confidence to meet the complex medical and developmental needs of their children. We provide intensive family support services so that families can be provided information and guidance with the special challenges of having a baby who has been hospitalized. We provide bi-lingual and bi-cultural case management services available in Spanish and Cantonese. We work in collaboration with our HRIF (High Risk Infant Follow-up) clinic…but we are a separate program.