Employee Diversity Groups

What is an Employee Diversity Group?

Employee Diversity Groups are groups of employees who join together based on shared characteristics or life experiences to provide fellowship, friendship and support, enhance career and personal development and contribute to the organization’s vision and values.

Diversity Groups promote diversity and equality by raising awareness and ensuring that group members have a voice in the organization. They are often organized around traits or characteristics of underrepresented groups, for example, ethnicity or race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or veteran status.

At UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals, our Diversity Groups allow employees to participate directly with our ongoing DEI/AR (diversity, equity, inclusion & anti-racism) initiatives and assist in fully integrating DEI/AR into the BCH's day-to-day business practices through strategic initiatives and policy-related goals.


Membership is open to all UCSF BCH employees.

Ways to Be Involved

  • Attend events
  • Promote initiatives/events within your group, division and/or area
  • Assist with initiative or event planning
  • Serve on a subcommittee or group initiative
  • Take a leadership role, e.g., lead a committee, be a Steering Committee member or Co-Chair

Be an Ally

Don’t necessarily identify with the group’s characteristics, but still want to be involved? Welcome! You can join to show your support and participate by being an ally.

What does being an ally mean? It means becoming a member, getting to know people, asking about their experiences, being curious and open minded, learning about the issues that are important to the group, showing up, engaging, participating and last, but not least, speaking up and helping amplify the group's concerns.


Types of Activities

  • Skills workshops
  • Community outreach
  • Employee recruitment
  • Cultural events


  • Mentoring
  • Social events
  • Networking
  • Policy
  • Leadership training
  • DEI/AR initiatives and activities



Diversity Groups are formally recognized and supported by UCSF BCH. Each Diversity Group completes yearly by-laws that outline the mission, vision and structure of the group as well as a charter with a detailed list of activities.

If you are a UCSF BCH employee and are interested in creating a Diversity Group, please contact the DEI/AR office at [email protected]. We can assist you with launching a Diversity Group.


BCH Black Caucus 

This year the BCH Black Caucus Oakland (BCH-BC), a chapter of the UCSF Black Caucus, had its inaugural meeting on June 19, 2020. BCH-BC strives to provide opportunities for staff to engage, build community and make connections at BCH Oakland, BCH Mission Bay, and the broader UCSF community.

The BCH-BC group’s mission is to help foster a hospital climate and culture of unity, equity, and inclusion. The group will serve as a resource for advancing the social and cultural growth among African American care providers and staff through outreach, mentoring, networking, community service, and enrichment activities. In collaboration with our counterparts in San Francisco, hospital leadership, the BCH DEI/AR Council and other affinity groups.

BCH Chicanx Latinx Campus Association (CLCA)

BCH Chapter of the Chicanx Latinx Campus Association (CLCA) held our inaugural gathering on September 17, 2021. Our meetings have been vibrant, exciting and forewarding thinking. Our members have high expectations and are highly movitated to promote our Latinx heritage, culture, and professionalism. We welcome all of our Latinx family and allies to come join us. BCH CLCA aims to create advancement, community and support for our Chicanx, Hispanic, and Latinx BCH staff.

Monthly meetings are held every 2nd Friday at 2 pm. For more information, please email [email protected].

BCH LGBTQ+ Committee

The BCH Oakland LGBTQ+ group was created by a multidisciplinary task force to shine light on issues facing our patients, families, and staff.  We seek to influence policies, electronic health records, community outreach, and offer solutions to unique problems. Supporting and lifting each other up is our goal with inclusion being a top priority. 

Miller Davis Jenkins Society

MDJS was formed to create a community for Black/African American faculty within the Benioff Children’s Hospital system. The number of Black/African American faculty members at UCSF is significantly lower than the number in the communities we serve. This organization was created to foster professional connections, partner with and support each other in our academic work, provide mentorship, and to enhance the recruitment and retention of Black/African American faculty.

MDJS hopes to engage with the broader UCSF and BCH communities to facilitate and support the recruitment and retention of Black/African American faculty and synergistically engage with broader diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism initiatives.



Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition 

The Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition (AAPIC) is a group of volunteer learners, staff, faculty, AAPI organizations and departments within UCSF that aim to help address equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism for AAPI-identified UCSF members and to promote health equity for AAPI-identified patients and research participants at UCSF.

Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA)

To promote professional and social relations within UCSF, as well as the rich and diverse cultural heritage of all Asian communities. APASA works with other minority organizations to address issues of equality, fair labor practices and diversity at UCSF.

Join the APASA listserv for news and events: Send an email with no subject line to [email protected]. In the body of the message, enter “apasa firstname lastname”.

Chicanx Latinx Campus Association (CLCA)

To bring together the Chicanx/Latinx community at UCSF with the goal of increasing its representation on campus, such as: addressing issues that affect the community; giving recognition to the contributions and efforts of its community; and providing professional development opportunities.

Join the CLCA Listserv: [email protected]

The Black Caucus at UCSF

Founded in 1968, The Black Caucus serves as an instrument of change, community building, and professional support. As the oldest culturally-based affinity group in the UC System, the Black Caucus is built on a foundation of social justice advocacy. During the Civil Rights Movement Black workers at UCSF, known as the "basement people" because of their disparate working conditions, went on strike to advocate for change. The Janitors Strike at UCSF was the catalyst for institutional change that resulted in recruitment and retention efforts for historically underrepresented students, faculty, and staff. Current leaders of the Black Caucus strive to uphold the legacy of our founding members.

Join the Black Caucus Listserv:  Send an email with no subject line to [email protected]. In the body of the message, enter "BlackCaucus firstname lastname".

UCSF LGBTQ Committee 

Our mission is to actively assess the UCSF climate as experienced by LGBTQ+ faculty, staff and learners. We will listen to and address the concerns and interests of the LGBTQ community and act as an advisory group to the Office of Diversity and Outreach. We will promote the visibility, inclusion and equity of the LGBTQ+ community at UCSF.

UCSF Committee on Disability Inclusion 

To examine the issues affecting individuals with disabilities at UCSF, including:

  • Evaluating policies, programs and procedures
  • Serving as a coordinating and advisory body to increase accessibility and inclusion for this community.

United Filipinx Association 

United Filipinx Association (UFA) is an organization that is grounded in the value of ‘kapwa’ - “interconnectedness” – a core Filipinx value. UFA serves as a reference to all Filipinx at UCSF, forming a community where no one is left behind.